Helping Hands of Jesus Ministries

About Us

Our organisation was started in the year 1995 on 21st of july month by Rev.k.Mohan, who is from a Hindu background and especially from the rural background . The inspiration behind his thoughts is no one other than “THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE HOLY BIBLE”. He who was grown up in the rural areas have seen many suffering from many diseases and couldn’t get cured because of the inability to get treatment due to the less number of hospitals in the rural areas and also children who suffer due their inability to do higher studies as there is a less number of colleges in the rural areas. Thus it is the seed for his contributing ideas towards the society of rural people. With this seed for the past 11 years we have reached the privilege of touching many lives with the love of our almighty God. Our mission and vision is to serve people from the rural areas through providing the right education according to their needs and providing the people who suffer the right treatment with all the facilities because we know that someone should take a step to change the lives of many we have taken the first step and now we need you with us to go far more further.